The Impact of Animal Quarantine on International Trade in the Context of Epidemic Situation

  • Hua Liu
Keywords: Animal Quarantine; International Trade; Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza; Barriers to Trade


To explore the impact of animal quarantine on international trade in the context of epidemic situation,
especially how to break through the discriminatory trade measures taken by individual countries in the world
since the COVID-19 outbreak in China. This article through the analysis of the world health organization, the
main developed countries and our country the current situation of animal disease control, from the Angle of
trade and economic analysis of animal disease and its controls on the mechanism of action of meat products in
international trade, a deep insight into the resulting impact on meat products in international trade of macro and
micro impact. A class A animal epidemic, H7N9 highly pathogenic avian influenza, is taken as an example to
make an empirical analysis. The research of this paper found that the existence of avian influenza trade barriers,
to our country's poultry meat production enterprises brought a huge loss. After the outbreak of highly pathogenic
avian influenza in Asian countries, the export volume of fresh poultry in China has decreased by 28%, the
export volume of fresh poultry in EU countries has decreased by 21.4%, and the total export volume of fresh
poultry in the world has decreased by 6% compared with last year. Animal disease has become the most
important technical barrier to international trade of animal products, and its influence on international trade of
animal products is increasing. At present, China's livestock breeding industry must take effective measures to
break down the foreign technical barriers set up in the name of animal diseases and improve the international
competitiveness of China's livestock products.