The Relationship between the Economic Growth of Aquaculture Enterprises and Environmental Protection

  • Hong Li
Keywords: Breeding Enterprises, Economic Growth, Environmental Protection, Environmental Kuznets Curve (EKC)


The economy of the aquaculture industry has been greatly improved in recent years, but behind the
economic growth, the problem of environmental pollution has also become increasingly prominent, seriously
affecting the harmonious and stable development of the economic society. In response to this problem, this
paper proposes a research on the relationship between the economic growth of the breeding enterprises and
environmental protection. This article first collects the relevant data of enterprises in the breeding industry,
including the discharge of manure, sewage, sewage, straw and per capita output of livestock (live pigs, cattle,
sheep, etc.), and then uses a combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis to apply environment Kuznets
curve (EKC) to study economic growth and environmental protection. Through data analysis, the results show
that the fitting curve of livestock and poultry emissions per capita output value of the aquaculture industry
shows a trend of rising first, then falling and then rising, that is, the "inverted u" + "positive u" curve. Sewage
discharge volume and per capita output value show an "inverted U" EKC curve, and the discharge volume is on
the left side of the turning point, and may continue to increase, which is not conducive to the ecological
environment. There is a linearly increasing relationship between straw emissions and per capita output value,
and emissions gradually increase with the economic growth of the breeding industry.