Management Countermeasures for Prevention and Control of Animal Diseases in Towns and Villages

  • Cunling Liu
Keywords: Township Animal Epidemic Prevention, Construction of Epidemic Prevention System, Animal Epidemic Prevention Team, Animal Epidemic Prevention System


In recent years, repeated outbreaks of avian influenza and other influenza have caused people to be
alert to new heights caused by animal diseases. The animal epidemic situation in China is complex and diverse.
The spread of the epidemic disease causes the pathogenic microorganisms to exist in the animal body, causing
the drug residue in the animal body to seriously exceed the safe range. The impact of animal epidemics on
society is mainly manifested in: threats to people's physical health, causing psychological panic among the
masses, decline in the credibility of the government, and impact on related industries. Discarding animals with
epidemic diseases at random will induce another major epidemic situation, and discarding animal carcasses
carrying pathogens of zoonotic diseases will seriously endanger human health. This article combined with the
current situation of XX township animal epidemic prevention system, put forward the suggestions of grass-root
animal epidemic prevention system construction. This paper holds that strengthening the grass-roots work
should start from implementing the responsibility of animal epidemic prevention in villages and towns,
stabilizing the grass-roots animal epidemic prevention team, establishing and improving the technical support
system for animal epidemic prevention, building the grass-roots animal epidemic monitoring system,
establishing and improving the emergency response mechanism for major animal epidemic diseases, and
comprehensively promoting the reform of animal husbandry and veterinary system, so as to gradually improve
the grass-roots epidemic prevention system and provide a solid guarantee for the rapid and healthy development
of towns.