Effect of Ethanol Extract from Celastrusorbiculatus on the Healing of Rat Model of Bone Trauma

  • Rui Wang
Keywords: Ethanol Extract of Celastrus Orbiculatus, Bone Trauma Rat, Healing.


To investigate the effect of Celastrusorbiculatus ethanol extract on the healing of rat model of bone
trauma and analyze its mechanism. The rat model of bone trauma was established and divided into two groups,
20 rats in each group: model group and Celastrusangustifolia group. Blood loss, fracture healing, body weight
change, serum calcium and phosphorus content, femoral callus density and fracture resistance were compared
before and 6 weeks after administration. Compared with the model group, the weight of the rats in the South
snake rattan group increased, the density of the femoral callus, the bending resistance and the content of serum
calcium and phosphorus decreased, the difference was statistically significant (P < 0.05). Celastrusorbiculatus
can obviously improve the healing of bone trauma rats, increase weight, bone strength, and increase the level of
calcium and phosphorus in serum.