Establishment and Clinical Verification of the Analytical Diagnosis of Allergen Components of Dust Mite Based on Paper

  • Chen Lu
Keywords: Paper Base; Dust Mite Allergen; Component Analysis Diagnosis; Clinical Verification


To explore the establishment of the analytical diagnosis of allergen components of dust mite based on
paper and the verification of clinical effect. The positive and negative clinical samples determined by ELISA
and skin prick test were used as the standard (20 cases), so as to optimize the device parameters and the result
judgment standard when the paper-based chip was used to detect the allergen SiGe. 50 serum samples of clinical
dust mite patients were randomly detected by "double blind" method. The sensitivity, time-consuming,
repeatability and cost of the three methods were compared by using paper-based chip method, ELISA and skin
prick test. The positive and negative coincidence rate of the allergen SiGe detected by paper-based chip was
100% with ELISA and 100% with skin prick test. Compared with ELISA and skin prick test, the paper-based
chip test has the advantages of high sensitivity, short time-consuming, high repeatability and low cost. A
paper-based method for the analysis and diagnosis of allergen components of dust mite was successfully
established, which was better than clinical ELISA and skin prick test in sensitivity, time-consuming,
repeatability and cost.