Effect of Oxymatrine on Proliferation of Rat Hepatic Stellate Cells

  • Yu Wang
Keywords: Oxymatrine; Rat; Stellate Cell; Proliferation


To explore the effect of oxymatrine on the proliferation of rat hepatic stellate cells and analyze its
protective mechanism. The hepatic stellate cell model was established and divided into two groups: normal
control group and Oxymatrine group. The normal control group was not given drug injection, the Oxymatrine
group was given Oxymatrine culture, the concentration was 10-2mol / L, 10-3mol / L, 10-4mol / L, 10-5mol / L,
10-6mol / L; after the completion of grouping, the culture was passed on. The expression of MTT and
proliferation in four groups were compared by liquid scintillation counter and ELISA. The results of MTT
showed that the metabolic activity of each group decreased with the increase of drug concentration, but the
MTT of the control group and HSC group was not significantly lower, the difference was not statistically
significant (P > 0.05). Compared with the normal control group, the proliferation of HSC in Oxymatrine group
was significantly inhibited (P < 0.05). Oxymatrine has a better protective effect on oxidative stress of liver
fibrosis in rats, a proliferation effect on hepatic stellate cells and an anti fibrosis effect.