Abstraction and Expression of Abstract Figures in Visual Communication Design Based on the Body Color of Marine Animals

  • Junwu Yang
Keywords: Marine Animals, Body Color, Visual Communication, Targeted Refining


As an indispensable part of the biosphere, marine animals have important significance for the
evolution of the entire ecosystem and even organisms. Although marine animals are of great significance to us,
due to various conditions, the information we know about marine animals is the tip of the iceberg compared to
the unknown. However, with the continuous deepening of various studies, various novel species have entered
the field of vision for the first time. The purpose of this article is to study the targeted abstraction and
representation of abstract shapes in the visual communication of marine animal body colors. Based on the use of
marine animal body color in visual communication, this paper studies six marine animal body colors, and
applies abstract graphics based on their body colors to sales. The research results show that the shape and color
of marine animals have a wonderful pattern from the perspective of abstract graphics. It is very different from
the objects of our daily research. It can be said that it is a world apart, but the results are surprisingly similar.
The sales volume of each product has increased by about 34% this time, and some even reached 45%. This
means that the application of abstract graphics has great benefits for our lives. Based on this technology, we can
explore the secrets of the ocean from another angle.