Effects of the International Milk on the Milk Price Paid to Producers in Chile: a Co-integration Analysis

  • Jonathan Labra-Hernández


e al tis researc as t anale te spatial price transmission from the international market for dairy products and milk price paid to producers in Chile and to analyze the structure of Chilean milk market. The international price of whole milk powder an te amnt pai t mestic prcers ere cnsiere e reslts inicate tat te mestic instr as a istrin concentration, forming an oligopsony with the processing of milk, and these companies have a high market power and inuence on te price e antitative analsis realie it te Enle an raner apprac an tresl cinteratin analsis R R an teir cnsistent cnterparts se in teir reslts tat te time series are cinterate eistin asmmetr in te price transmission, and also the negative shocks in prices were transferred faster than positive shocks