Application of Intelligent Mobile Terminal in Animal Epidemic Prevention and Animal Health Supervision

  • Qiang Han


With the rapid development of technology, mobile terminal has become an indispensable daily necessity in people’s daily life. Not only in personal business but also in public business, they have already had a very mature application foundation. Faced with the economic transformation, the competitiveness of enterprises is growing. How to effectively improve production efficiency and office efficiency has become a problem that people explore. For example, mobile payment in the current society has a very mature system. The use of terminals plays an increasingly important role in our lives. At present, with the rapid development of medical care, animal epidemic prevention and animal health supervision are also facing the problem of transformation. From the traditional manual statistics to the electronic terminal statistics, while more and more advanced and complete systems continue to emerge, it provides a more efficient and convenient way of work for animal epidemic prevention and health supervision. This paper designs an integrated animal epidemic prevention and health monitoring management platform based on the background data of terminal network. It provides effective data assurance and accuracy for real-time statistics, updating and prediction of data. Through testing and investigation, it is proved that the system in this paper can almost complete the required functions.