Impact of Rural Tourism on Wildlife

  • Yishu Liu


Based on the rural development of rural tourism as a research starting point, think about the wildlife survival condition and the reason of change and the relationship between rural tourism, with the development of rural tourism, the purpose is to research what specific impact on wildlife, introduces several wildlife protection environment can implement measures. In terms of research methods, a comprehensive survey method combining literature analysis method and questionnaire survey method is adopted to ensure the authenticity and comprehensiveness of survey data to the greatest extent. Through to the domestic research and foreign research results fully absorb the reference, combined with the actual results of questionnaire survey concluded that the development of tourism, rural tourism since enrich the tourism form, the operators to obtain the economic benefits, but due to the lack of legal regulation and benefit drive, under the multiple factors of huge consumer demand, rural tourism has brought wild animals living environment. Finally the continuous damage to wildlife survival environment is in the process of economic development must deal with a good pair of contradictory opinions, and respectively from consumers, generated by the operators and the government put forward the improvement measures, believe in under the guidance of these policies, the vigorous development of rural tourism, and wildlife health living environment can be achieved.