Influence of Forest Tourism on Animal Diversity in Nature Reserves

  • Liu Hu


Today’s human beings are facing three major problems: “the population is increasing rapidly, resources are becoming scarcer, and environmental degradation is serious”. With the rapid development of the industrial society, everyone began to realize that the limited space currently used by human beings cannot meet the urgent needs of today’s social development. Human beings are accelerating the change of terrestrial ecosystems, causing the destruction and even subversion of the ecosystem to make biodiversity in ecosystems unpredictable. In order to change this bad situation, protected areas such as ecological reserves and national parks have been set up around the world. At the same time, a large number of endangered animals were recorded on the rare animal protection list and the relevant rare animal protection laws were improved. It can be seen that the issue of biodiversity conservation in ecosystems is receiving more and more attention. The rapid development of tourism has contributed more and more to the economies of the world, and the development prospects are quite broad. The World Tourism Organization predicts that by 2021 China will become the world’s largest tourist destination and the fourth largest tourist source country.