Relationship between Wildlife Protection and Regional Economic Development

  • Wenjing Zhang


 The establishment of nature reserves is of great significance for the protection of natural resources and ecosystems, but it will also affect the economic development of the surrounding areas to a certain extent. On the one hand, the establishment of protected areas will have an impact on the socio-economic conditions of the surrounding areas as well as the production and life of the residents. On the other hand, the economic development of a region depends on its natural resources. Taking the Tumen River Basin as the research object, this paper analyzes the wildlife protection and regional economic status of the Tumen River Basin by using ecological economic theory. Based on the coupled and coordinated development model, the evaluation of the conservation of wild animals and plants and the coordinated development of regional economy in Tumen River is established model. The model assessed the level of wildlife protection and economic development in the Tumen River Basin and achieved coordinated development of regional economy and wildlife protection.