Industrial Economic Value Assessment of Wildlife Resources Protection

  • Bingfeng Liu


China has a long history of using wild animal resources. However, most of the previous methods of using wild animals are reckless use of reckless use, making many wild animals with high economic value rare or even endangered. Like other biological resources, wildlife resources have important value, and their reasonable value assessment is conducive to the development and utilization of these resources. China’s wildlife resources (amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals) have four characteristics: they are extremely rich in species, have many unique wild animal species, many endangered and rare animal species, and have many important economic values. These characteristics provide the necessary prerequisites for assessing the value of our wildlife resources in China and for future rational development and utilization. Based on China’s wild animal resources industry value classification system, this paper studies the classification and significance of the value of wild animal resources industry. Based on the value theory and price theory, this paper studies the dynamic evaluation of the industrial value of China’s wild animal resources based on the improvement of traditional wildlife resource value assessment methods, combined with the industrial utilization forms and current status of China’s wild animal resources. At the same time, this paper re-establishes the dynamic evaluation system of wild animal resources value, and designs a dynamic evaluation model for the industrial value of various wild animal resources.