The Supervision of Animal-Derived Food Safety

  • Hui Zhang


 In order to protect the health and life safety of every consumer, suggestions and measures for animal-derived food safety supervision are put forward to strengthen the construction of animal-derived food safety supervision system. While explaining the definition of animal-derived food safety, the factors affecting animal-derived food safety and the legal basis for supervision of animal-derived food safety are analyzed. The results show that the scale, standardization and modernization of aquaculture make it possible for the government to supervise effectively. It is necessary to form a complete industrial chain of breeding, slaughtering and processing, to form a downstream quality control over the upstream, and to design a reasonable top level of government supervision, which is helpful to form a risk assessment mechanism based on the principle of prevention. It can be concluded that improving laws and regulations, strengthening the animal husbandry and veterinary team and funding guarantee mechanism, establishing a scientific and efficient veterinary drug residue detection system, and raising the awareness of animal-derived food safety in the whole society are all effective ways to improve animal-derived food safety.