Establishment of Animal Disease Loss Model and Economic Evaluation Model for Treatment

  • Changming Wang


In modern society, people have an increasing demand for breeding industry, which leads to an increasing number of breeding animals. The sheer number of bugs in animal disease prevention and control shows up, animal diseases such as mad cow disease, bird flu, foot and mouth disease occur from time to time, seriously affecting people’s normal quality of life. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the construction of digital monitoring, risk assessment and early warning for the prevention and control of major animal diseases. In order to understand the loss situation of regional animal epidemics, this paper summarizes the theoretical basis of the research results of epidemic disease loss assessment. The economic loss evaluation method of “standard unit blight” is proposed. Damage to the production performance of breeding pigs and the production capacity of fattening pigs by blight, from a veterinary and economic perspective: to analyze the relationship between these factors and the economic impact on pigs, a suitable mathematical model was built to calculate the economic losses of pigs caused by different blight diseases. The economic evaluation model of treatment control measures was established by decision tree method, optimal assisted decision making for the treatment or not of pigs suffering from a disease.