Risk Analysis of Wildlife Investment in China under the Green Economic Structure Model

  • Weiqi Pei


In recent years, the domestic wild animal market has been in strong demand, and the export of wild animals has been stable, which has driven the rapid development of wild animal breeding. In some areas, it has become a pillar industry for farmers to increase their incomes. In particular, in recent years, the fur market is in a period of high profits, and social capital has flowed into the wild animal breeding industry in a large amount, resulting in the rapid expansion of the scale of wild animal breeding, and even in the irrational state of overheating, potentially with certain risks. The current investment risk of wild animal breeding is analyzed as follows, in order to play a reference role in the rational investment of farmers. This paper takes wildlife investment as the research object, and summarizes the relevant theories. Based on the theory of green economy, it analyzes the status quo and advantages of wildlife investment in green economy, especially the risk of investment. Under the support of environmental economic comprehensive accounting theory, green production theory and sustainable development theory, firstly, the detailed feasibility analysis of the wildlife industry park from the three aspects of technology, environment and economy, and corresponding feasibility the evaluation can form a comprehensive sustainable development model with advanced technology, environmental friendliness and economic rationality. Then, based on the environment, economy and resources, the environmental economic index of the wild animal industrial park is constructed. Screening and determining the final accounting indicators, using the comprehensive index method in the multi-index comprehensive evaluation method to calculate the environmental indicators and economic indicators of the wild animal industrial park. The research results show that the economic risks and environmental risks faced by animal breeding are large, and they also face severe pressures of resource constraints. Only by doing a good job of risk analysis and control can we achieve better benefits.