Tourism Resource Allocation in Eco-Zoo

  • Yue Wang


In recent years, with the continuous acceleration of ecological construction, the eco-zoo tourist area is also developing rapidly. The purpose is to allocate tourism resources, makes it a professional park for animal science education, animal exhibition, wildlife protection, leisure and entertainment, etc., to improve the quality of life of animals, enhance the landscape effect. Tourist workers should properly allocate tourist greening plants, through the interaction between plants and animals, to enhance the ecological zoo tourism landscape effect. Provide comfortable living environment for animals, provide beautiful garden environment for tourists, and promote the sustainable development of ecological zoo. Plants are part of the ecological zoo, and the landscape of zoo attractions is still dominated by plant landscape. How to properly arrange garden plants in the garden, provide appropriate living space for animals and beautiful places for tourists to relax. The resource allocation of ecological zoo is an important topic for zoo tourism. This paper takes the allocation of ecological zoo resources as the investigation object, the present situation and existing problems of ecological park are analyzed and discussed. In order to analyze the problems existing in the greening planning of urban zoos, and make reasonable recommendations on these issues. Hope to provide a theoretical basis for the future allocation of tourism resources in ecological zoos. It also provides reference for the resource allocation of other similar zoos.