Leakage Mining of Electric Power System Based on Animal Bionics Principle

  • Aidong Xu


As one of the key industry infrastructure pillar industries, the power system industry is a production value chain consisting of power generation, substation, transmission, power distribution and power dispatching. Due to the high integration of industrial field automation equipment and the variety and complexity of equipment manufacturers, these provide convenient conditions for hackers, and the electrical industry control system faces information security risks. The lack of related industrial control vulnerability detection methods makes the security defects in the control system unable to be discovered in time and effectively, which poses a hidden danger to the security after the system is online. How to find the security loopholes of the industrial control system in front of the attacker, and then promote the industrial control system application enterprise to improve the system, has become a hot topic in the field of industrial control security. Vulnerability mining is an important means of securing industrial control systems among many security technologies. Fuzzing technology is used to verify the safety defects of industrial control systems by constructing anomaly information. The improved Sulley framework system uses IEC60870-5-104 protocol and Modbus TCP protocol for vulnerability mining research in power industry industrial control systems.