Economic Operation of Fur Industry and Rabbit Industry in Shandong Province

  • Rongbin Zhang


As an important branch of the light industry, the fur industry has a long history in China and its industry has developed rapidly. At present, it has formed a complete relationship between fur and animal breeding, raw material skin tanning, fur product processing and market sales. The industrial chain has made great contributions to China’s economic development. Shandong Province is a large province of fur animal breeding industry, but it is not a strong province of fur animal breeding industry. According to the current development status of the fur animal breeding industry in Shandong Province and its outstanding problems, in accordance with the new national policy requirements for the development of animal husbandry, following the development trend of the international fur industry, it is concluded that the promotion of fur farming green farming technology and Improving animal welfare is a must for Shandong Province to transform from a large province of fur animal breeding industry to a strong province of fur animal breeding industry. Shandong Province is a large province for the cultivation of special economic animals, especially the breeding of cockroaches, foxes and rabbits. It occupies half of the country. The special economic animal innovation team of Shandong Province has conducted a field survey of Shandong Province, and conducted a questionnaire survey and access to the basis of a large number of documents. On the other hand, the analysis and research of fur animals and rabbits have been carried out. The breeding of special economic animals is still in the low valley. It gives reasonable suggestions for the existing predicaments and problems, and studies on the economic operation of special economic animal industries. It is of great significance to promote industrial upgrading.