Design of Hardware Platform for Wild Animal Remote Dynamic Monitoring System

  • Chao Lu


In order to realize the detection of wild animals, solve the absent technology of wild animal monitoring technology in China; the wireless network technology was used to design a hardware platform for remote dynamic monitoring and control system of wildlife in this study. Firstly, the Zigbee wireless transmission technology was introduced, the communication program including Zigbee protocol stack and infrared triggering sub-node and protocol adjustment point was designed. Then, the image compression algorithm and implementation based on Android platform was introduced, and two basic methods of image compression were compared, and finally the user control platform based on Android system was designed. The results showed that the infrared sensing subroutine of Zigbee sub-node and the data transmission procedure of Zigbee coordination node were implemented. In the image compression algorithm, a compression algorithm based on lossless compression for run length coding and lossy compression wavelet transform was obtained. Finally, the user control platform based on Android system was realized. This study has a good reference and guiding significance for realizing the remote dynamic monitoring technology of wild animals.