Application and Inspiration of Economic Evaluation in Animal Health Risk Analysis

  • Dahua Wang


 In order to explore the theories and methods of economic evaluation, to assess the damage caused by animal epidemic diseases, to understand the possible impacts and losses of epidemic outbreaks, to evaluate the economics of animal epidemic disease losses, and to systematically study the economic evaluation and decision analysis of animal epidemic disease prevention and control measures, the in-depth discussion on the economic evaluation of animal epidemic diseases is carried out, the criterion system of animal epidemic disease economic evaluation is constructed, and an innovative method for the economic evaluation of animal epidemic diseases, i.e. the Standard Unit Epidemic Disease Evaluation Method, is proposed. The research results show that the Standard Unit Epidemic Disease Evaluation Method can make up for the defects of non-availability of a large number of statistical data; besides, at the same time, the proposed method can quickly obtain the estimated value of loss, which has certain reference significance for quickly understanding the disease loss in an area and making prevention and control decisions. It can be seen that it is necessary to further strengthen the economic evaluation and prevention and control strategies of animal epidemic disease losses.