Construction of Veterinary Laboratory Information Management System

  • Mingxu Zhao


 With the increasing popularity of information technology and the rapid development of computer technology, the laboratory information management system (LIMS) is gradually applied to laboratories in various fields such as statistical analysis and medicine. LIMS mainly uses high-tech such as computer technology, database technology and network technology to realize the management and control of the laboratory. At present, the informationization in the medical field, especially the veterinary laboratory, still needs to be popularized. Therefore, this paper has conducted in-depth research on the construction of veterinary laboratory information management system. First, according to the needs of the veterinary laboratory staff for the analysis of experimental information management, organize and record the requirements of the veterinary laboratory management elements. Then, using traditional software engineering methods, according to the principle of top-down and step-by-step refinement, we design and design ten functional modules, such as sample management, test management and report management. Finally, the veterinary laboratory information management system was implemented based on the MVC pattern using Java Web technology and MySQL development. Through the functional test and performance test of the system, the test results show that the system is complete in function, simple in operation and good in performance.