Animal Source Food Quality Safety Management Innovation

  • Yongling Chu


In recent years, China’s food safety problems have frequently occurred. How to improve the safety of animal-derived foods and revitalize the confidence of the people in food safety is a difficult problem to be solved. Based on the current status of animal-derived food safety, this paper discusses the countermeasures to solve food safety problems. Aiming at the current situation of animal source food management in China and the bottleneck of animal identification and product quality safety traceability system, this paper proposes to deepen the construction of the whole process traceability system for animal product quality and safety. Drawing on the experience of foreign countries in informationization, intelligence and automation of livestock and poultry breeding, this paper proposes to carry out the whole process of quality and safety control of animal source food industry chain, that is, the key technology research of “Internet of Things”. First, adopt “electronic identification” for modern pig farms. +Automatic word feeding + automatic weighing technology; second, constructing an intelligent animal product quality and safety management innovation system; third, further develop the planning of pork product quality and safety risk pre-existing system. At the same time, the use of big data technology processing and new data type analysis (remote disease image diagnosis and e-mail) to provide support for intelligent remote diagnosis of animal diseases in the future.