Application of Big Data in Animal Science Experiment

  • Peng Zhang


Information technology such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, and Internet of Things provides key technical means to promote the rapid development of integrated manufacturing. The use of artificial intelligence technology for big data analysis has made breakthroughs in recent years. This paper summarizes the latest research progress of big data classification methods based on artificial intelligence technology. Based on the four main data mining tasks of big data clustering, association analysis, classification and prediction, this paper analyzes the research status of machine learning in big data environment; based on the brief introduction of features and data mining in big data. Using the Map-Reduced method, the big data is applied in animal experiments, and the electronic chip of the pet is effectively combined with the electronic medical record-centered management system in the animal hospital, providing a large amount of data resources for the animal hospital, using association analysis. Contact with the dimension table, apply fuzzy clustering method to its cluster analysis and abnormal point detection, load a large amount of data resources into a specific environment, and establish a good social environment for the interconnection and data sharing of animal hospitals in China.