Design of Tourist Landscape in Wildlife Reserve

  • Chengli Yao


In order to analyze the tourism landscape design scheme of wildlife reserve, Jilin Momoge national nature reserve was taken as the research object and ecological, original and economic design principles were taken as the design criterions to carry out classification and circular design. In this research, the landscape in the protected area was divided into functional areas, and the local vegetation, soil and natural resources were rationally utilized. Moreover, the abandoned materials were rationally utilized to protect the diversity of wildlife, so as to establish a benign cycle in line with the natural ecology in the wildlife landscape area. The results showed that the scenic spot not only met the psychological needs of tourists and effectively preserved the natural ecology, but also created a new environment for animals and humans to get along with each other, which was a design plan with ecological consciousness and sustainable development cycle. Although there are still some deficiencies in the research process, it still provides reference for the later design and construction of conservation areas and other related issues, which is an important research topic.