Examination on the Feasibility of Achieving Accurate Poverty Alleviation in Economic Animal Breeding

  • Chunqiu Xu


Poverty alleviation has become the bottom line task and landmark indicator for China to build a well-off society in an all-round way. Comprehensively promoting the smooth progress of precision poverty alleviation is an important measure for China to eliminate poverty and achieve common prosperity. It is an ideal for everyone to escape from poverty and achieve prosperity. Poverty has existed objectively for thousands of years. Whether it is a country with a sound and rich social service mechanism or a country with backward poverty, poverty still exists, so getting rid of poverty is a long-term problem. This article understands why poor people, poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation projects have good benefits in some areas, but in some areas they are dwarfed. By studying the current situation of economic animal breeding resources sampling survey and sales channel and scale survey, combined with the current situation of China’s current special economic animal breeding and sales analysis and forecast, combined with the local economic development and ecological environment characteristics, analyze the status of economic animal breeding Foundation, and make a SWOT analysis matrix to identify and evaluate various risks of economic animal breeding poverty alleviation projects, and analyze the feasibility of economic animal breeding poverty alleviation projects. It is suggested that when selecting the types of economic animal breeding, we should pay attention to the changes of relevant national policies, and select species with mature breeding technology, species with comprehensive development and utilization value and social and cultural development direction, which provides an effective reference for economic animal breeding and sales.