National Narrative Research on Animal Movies

  • Huiling Sun


Animal-themed movies are a form of film that has risen rapidly in recent years. As the main expression of film, animals have different characteristics in the narrative and visual presentation of movies, and have a high aesthetic value and profound culture. Connotation, with the unique national cultural complex, the animal-themed film continues to follow the film to localize the national narrative style on the road from tradition to modernity. The filmmakers follow the usual image to understand the deep humanity, relying on the melancholy and sentimental tone of national culture. To make animal-themed movies stand firm in the international arena. Starting from the perspective of narrative, this thesis analyzes the narrative features of film and television in the context of nationalization on the basis of comprehensive analysis of animal-themed movies, aiming at summarizing the national narrative of animal-themed movies, with a view to the Chinese animal-themed movies. Development provides a reference. Starting from the horizontal and vertical dimensions, this paper conducts a comprehensive study of animal narratives and movie narratives in three parts. Firstly, this paper explores the inner cultural context and the spirit of the animal from the vertical dimension through the combing of animal history and animal image changes; secondly, from the horizontal dimension, based on the theory of narratology, reference to the United States and France. The narrative style of the country’s animal-themed movies analyzes and summarizes the narrative features of animal-themed movies, and explores the nationalized narratives of animal-themed movies and their cultural significance.