Types of E-waste and Hazard Analysis to Animals and Plants

  • Yan Yu


Guiyu town is the most concentrated area of electronic waste or e-waste recycling and decomposition in Guangdong province, China, facing critical pollution threat. Therefore, it is of great significance to propose waste environmental management strategies by studying several types of e-waste in Guiyu town, Guangdong. According to the pollution composition, this paper classifies e-waste into the following four categories: heavy metals, other inorganic pollutants, organic pollutants, volatile organic compounds. Based on the above classification of e-waste, the harm of e-waste to local plants and animals are under consideration. In view of the different types and hazards of e-waste, this paper puts forward several management methods and strategies for the reasonable discarding of e-waste, such as improve the laws and regulations on recycling of e-waste, establishing manufacturer responsibility to make a recycling system. This study is of great inspiration to explore the recycling economy of e-waste.