The Attraction of BIFENGXIA Wildlife Park: Perspective of Resource Evaluation

  • Yan Liu


This paper uses the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) to establish an ecotourism resource evaluation system for the BIFENGXIA Wildlife Park in Ya’an City, and uses mathematical analysis methods to evaluate and calculate the BIFENGXIA Wildlife Park ecotourism resources in Ya’an City. Determine the weights of each criterion layer and sort them. The main conclusions are: the evaluation indicators of BIFENGXIA Wildlife Park, such as biological resource conditions, tourism infrastructure conditions, and environmental conditions. In the secondary indicator layer, the top five indicators are species rarity, travel season, service level, species diversity and market size and location. The evaluation results are consistent with the actual situation, indicating that the evaluation system is correct and reasonable. Through the resource evaluation, we found out the advantages and disadvantages of BIFENGXIA Wildlife Park ecotourism resources, and proposed the corresponding suggestions and measures provide the basis for development and management of the development of BIFENGXIA Wildlife Park Ecotourism.