Immunological Investigation of Polysaccharides from Fermented Cordyceps Cs-4 in Healthy and Immunosuppressed Mice

  • Keqin Wu


Using fermented cordyceps powder Cs-4 as a substitute for natural cordyceps was benefit for life sciences. Therefore, it is of significance to investigate its main pharmacologically-active ingredients. In this work, fermented cordyceps polysaccharides with different molecular weights were isolated and purified. Various factors (i.e. extraction time, extraction power, and pH value) were investigated to obtain the response surface methodology values to most efficiently extract fermented cordyceps polysaccharides (FCP). Various molecular weight fractions of FCP (< 20, 20-60, 60-100, >100kDa) were injected into 48 adult Kun Ming (KM) mice for two weeks to explore their immunomodulatory activity. Total FCP and the fractions < 20, 20-60 and 60-100kDa reduced dinitrochlorobenzene (DNCB)-induced skin hypersensitivity. All fractions enhanced phagocyte count meanwhile total FCP of < 20kDa and 20-60kDa fractions also increased phagocytic efficiency. Furthermore, FCP rescued liver and thymus degeneration from hydrocortisone immunosuppression, particularly total FCP, FCP20kDa and FCP2060kDa. These results suggest that FCP has potential therapeutic value for the treatment of autoimmune diseases in humans.