The Health of Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration System for Zooplankton Survival

  • Houye Xi


 Zooplankton plays a connecting role in the food web of aquatic ecosystem. Its stable carbon and nitrogen isotopes are widely used to study the utilization of food resources reveal the material cycle path and the nutritional relationship with other organisms. The stable isotopes of zooplankton are also used to explain primary productivity and judge water pollutants. It is particularly important to clarify the temporal and spatial variation of stable isotope composition of zooplankton and its influencing factors as indicators of ecological processes and environmental changes in aquatic ecosystems. In this paper, an ecosystem health evaluation index system for zooplankton survival was constructed. The model of ecosystem health assessment adopts fuzzy pattern recognition model, and the weight of each index is determined by analytic hierarchy process. According to the selection principle of evaluation indicators, eight evaluation indicators were selected and five evaluation criteria were put forward to evaluate the ecosystem health status of zooplankton. The comparison between the evaluation results and the actual situation proves that the evaluation results are correct. Overexploitation and utilization of water resources and sewage discharge are the main reasons for poor health of zooplankton in ecological rivers.