Impact of Scientific Venture Enterprises and Venture Capital Management on the Establishment of Animal Economic Assessment Model

  • Hai Yin


In order to deeply study the impact of venture capital on technological innovation of enterprises and on the construction of animal economic evaluation model, the relationship between venture capital and technological innovation was empirically studied in terms of input, output and efficiency of technological innovation. The results showed that venture capital had a promoting effect on the technological innovation and animal economic assessment model. There was no significant relationship between venture capital and technological innovation output; Venture capital was significantly positively correlated with technological innovation input and output, and had greater impact than single venture capital; venture capital and joint venture capital had no significant relationship with the output of technological innovation and had a greater promotion effect than single venture capital. From this, it is known that the process of establishing animal economic evaluation model by venture capital can actively provide financial support, professional management knowledge, and technical support for start-ups, and increase the financial flexibility of the reserve of start-ups, especially cash flexibility, so that they can seize the investment opportunities with high returns and enhance the value of enterprises.