Cultivation of Interdisciplinary Versatile Talents of Animal Wool Textile under the Vision of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Hua Cao


In order to study the cultivation and strategy of interdisciplinary versatile talents of animal wool textile in colleges and universities under the perspective of innovation and entrepreneurship, in this study, it firstly introduced the related concepts of interdisciplinary versatile talents, the interdisciplinary concept, interdisciplinary talent training mode and versatile talent training, and then summarized the dilemma faced by the interdisciplinary talent training practice of animal wool textile major in China, which mainly involved three aspects: institutional barriers, resource allocation barriers, and discipline construction barriers. Finally, in this study, the cultivation ideas and countermeasures of the discipline versatile talents was put forward based on the innovation view. The results of this study showed that the idea of cultivating the versatile talents of animal wool textile in colleges and universities is to first establish the concept of animal wool textile discipline and the mode of talent training, and then the corresponding conditions for the construction of high-quality versatile talents for animal wool textile discipline was put forward. Finally, it is recommended to strengthen the diversification of animal wool textile education.