A Discussion on the Ethical Issues of Genetically Modified Animal Food

  • Yu Dai


The impacts of genetically modified animal food on human health and the ecological environment are explored. The ethical issues brought about by the uncertainty of food safety of genetically modified animal food also make humans have to seriously think about the problems arising from the application of genetically modified animal food from an ethical perspective. The combination of technology and ethics is of great significance for promoting human development and for coordinating the relationship with nature. The research results show that as a high-end bio-technical product, genetically modified animal food involves various complex fields, such as management ethics, legal ethics, and economic ethics, to safeguard the health of humans after having genetically modified animal food and to protect the current ecological environment that humans are living in. Therefore, it can be seen that in order to better coordinate the relationships between humans and nature and to achieve the balance between social development and ecosystem, during the process of technological development and application, guidance should be made to make the development of genetically modified animal food be more beneficial.