Animal Behavior Analysis of Bitter Melon Peptide Food Factor Combination: Based on Mouse Model

  • Xiaobo Hu


Momordica charantia L. belongs to Cucurbitaceae, it is a kind of raw material of functional food of “medicinal food homology”, known as “medicinal vegetable”. “Dictionary of Traditional Chinese Medicine” and other records of balsam pear have the effect of clearing fire and brightening eyes, detoxifying, lowering blood sugar, nourishing and tonifying qi. Studies have also found that, Momordica charantia juice and water extract of Momordica charantia have the functions of anti-bacterial, regulating and improving immunity, anti-cancer and inhibiting the surface activity of AIDS. The ingredients of balsam pear are very complex, rich in water, polysaccharides, glycosides and a large number of vitamins. At present, the research on balsam pear at home and abroad mainly focused on the hypoglycemic, antioxidant and immunity of balsam pear polypeptide and saponins. However, the analysis of other undetermined hypoglycemic active ingredients in balsam pear and the mechanism of action of balsam pear polysaccharides are still not deep enough. Meanwhile, continuous rise and high incidence of diabetes are seriously harmful to people’s health. Research and development of anti-diabetic drugs is one of the ways to solve the problem. Although new advances have been made in diabetes research, diagnostic and therapeutic methods have been constantly updated, its harm has not been significantly reduced, and on the contrary, it shows an increasing trend year by year. In order to reveal the mechanism of diabetes more deeply and comprehensively, developing more effective, reliable and hypoglycemic-free drugs is the goal of future development. Bitter melon can effectively help diabetic patients to lower blood sugar and control blood sugar. Therefore, the in-depth study and development of its bioactive substances have important theoretical and application value. The experiment is designed in this paper using a mouse model the effect of balsam pear peptide food on diabetic patients was analyzed.