Problems and Countermeasures in Economic Animal Breeding and Export

  • Juanjuan Li


With the continuous development of society and the rising demand for society, people have put forward new views and understandings on animal breeding in their lives. As a new concept and a new theory, the special economy has received more and more value and attention in the current social development. In particular, the special economic animal breeding industry has become the most concerned part and link in the development of the whole society. In recent years, the improvement of science and technology making the special economic animal farming technology mature, and the number and scale have been continuously expanded, becoming the most crucial part of the entire economic system. However, with the development of special economic animals, it also reflects certain problems. For example, investors are not sure about the market and the information is not working, which brings serious economic losses to the breeders and also hinders the development of special aquaculture. This paper expounds on the eight aspects of blind investment and small scale of economic animal breeding and export in China, and proposes countermeasures to strengthen propaganda and report, strengthen innovative research, improve the technical level of farmers, and establish a sound supervision system.