Test on Animal Husbandry Investment Risk in Financial Capital Allocation and Technological Innovation

  • Chaoxin Ji


Animal husbandry is not an industry with a long history, as its operation has greater risks so it’s difficult to get a bank loan. Therefore, the shortage of funds has become the bottleneck of the development of many animal husbandry enterprises. But along with it, animal husbandry is also a key industry for agricultural development, it has a basic status in the national development. The poor development of animal husbandry will inevitably lead to a slow development of the overall agriculture. The purpose of this paper is to find out the benefits and risks of investing in animal husbandry under the current situation, On the basis of analyzing its risks, explores how the animal husbandry should adapt to the new environment and how to solve the dilemma of financing difficulties in the context of financial capital and technological innovation. this paper mainly adopts the case analysis method in terms of research methods, Starting from the actual problems encountered by animal husbandry enterprises in their development, established the risk assessment index model, using a collection of data packets to analyze their specific risks, Finally, verified it by actual cases. The results show that the conventional method of animal husbandry investment risk assessment exist the defects of insufficient index ,at the same time, each projects lack of necessary causal connection, the results of its risk assessment also include too many artificial factors to determine the interference of weights. Through the research article of this paper can draw the conclusion, that animal husbandry enterprises need to start from the reform of itself, strengthen the scientific nature of investment decisions, improve the system of business management, and do the necessary prevention of livestock diseases and the handling of problem animals, thereby ensuring that scientific and complete mechanisms are established, animal husbandry must also can get a lot of investment, Then fundamentally improve the dilemma of large risk and difficult financing in animal husbandry.