Thinking on Animal Health Supervision in Economically Underdeveloped Areas

  • Ji Luo


This article through to the problem of animal health supervision in our country has carried on the investigation and analysis, comparing with foreign animal health supervision work, and puts forward the improving our country’s economy less developed areas of animal health supervision measures, aims to further strengthen economic less-developed areas in China animal health supervision, enhance the level of animal health supervision and law enforcement in our country. The research methods adopted in this paper mainly include the following: 1. Review domestic and foreign animal health supervision related literature; 2. Compare the differences of animal health supervision at home and abroad from the aspects of management system, mode and technology; 3. Investigated the existing problems of animal health supervision in China; 4. In view of the problems existing in the animal health supervision in the economically underdeveloped areas of China, the corresponding measures are put forward. The research results show that the animal health supervision in China mainly has the following problems: imperfect animal health legal supporting system, insufficient law enforcement personnel and funds, irregular law enforcement, poor law enforcement environment, prominent circulation and market supervision problems, and not strict implementation of the harmless treatment of sick and dead livestock and poultry. This study concludes that animal health supervision is an important guarantee for the development of animal husbandry. In view of the problems found in the research, we should strengthen the team building and improve the quality of personnel; Strict supervision system to regulate law enforcement; Establish scientific mechanism to guarantee financial funds; Establishing a responsibility system to improve the quality of law enforcement; We will increase publicity and improve the law enforcement environment.