Performance Evaluation of Animal Fur Products Investment Layout Strategy Based on Game Optimal Pricing Strategy

  • Zhirun Huo


The scale of regional investment is growing, and regional investment in fur products is also growing rapidly. If fur companies want to develop better, they must carefully formulate investment strategies and scientifically evaluate their own performance. In view of the above situation, this paper conducts research on the investment of animal fur products, and proposes a performance evaluation method of fur product investment layout strategy based on the optimal pricing strategy of the game. This paper comprehensively uses the frontier theory of modern management science and related theories of public management. Using a combination of qualitative and quantitative theoretical research and empirical research, systematically studied performance evaluation objectives, performance evaluation systems, performance evaluation indicators and regional investment assessment methods, and mechanisms for achieving performance evaluation. In addition, this paper analyzes the possible risks of the fur products industry and proposes reasonable risk control methods to help fur products companies achieve optimal performance when investing.