Impact of Ecotourism Management on Animal Reproductive Behavior in Nature Reserve

  • Wei Song


Ecotourism as a popular choice for tourism in the past few years, which has received different attentions from tourists, the International Year of Ecotourism has also been confirmed internationally, it shows that people are paying more and more attention to the development of ecotourism. China is also actively developing ecotourism projects in nature reserves, which is a sustainable development model that combines tourism and ecology. At the same time, people are in contact with wild animals in nature reserves inevitably, which affects the living habits and even reproductive behavior of animals to a certain degree. Some visitors’ unreasonable activities invade the animal’s activity space and destroy the harmonious ecological environment. So, the purpose of this paper is to enable tourists to understand the role of nature reserves correctly, regulate the behavior of tourists and raise normative awareness, and ensure that animals have a comfortable living environment, which has a positive effect on breeding the next generation and maintaining biodiversity. This paper will analyze the current situation of ecotourism management in nature reserves, focus on the specific situation and problems of current ecotourism, and propose positive countermeasures and some practical solutions. Using the specific analysis method of the specific problem, comparing data to draw conclusions, the research results show that animal reproduction has certain regularity and special season. During this period, staff in nature reserve should set up tourism restricted areas and time, and regulate of tourists, sum up experience continuously, improve and repair related measures actively, and jointly promote People and nature live in harmony.