Problems and Countermeasures of Human Resource Management in Veterinary Enterprises

  • Weihuang Dai


Accelerating the development of veterinary enterprises has become a new topic in today’s rapid development of economic. Veterinary enterprises have developed slowly due to historical reasons such as technology and scale. It must take the informatized road if want to reach the development level of veterinary enterprises in developed countries. Improve the satisfaction of veterinary and employee in hospital management department by strengthening the construction of the company’s management system. And motivate them to generate valuable methods and ideas for the hospital, and to enhance the innovative performance of veterinary and project management’s staff. This will create conditions for human resources management to play a greater role in veterinary companies. Therefore, the implementation of human resources informatization is the internal driving force and trend of veterinary enterprise’s development and it is the choice to adapt to the times. This paper analyzes the research on human resources management informatization of veterinary enterprises at home and abroad, put forward the connotation of human resources informatization and the current situation of human resources informatization in China’s veterinary enterprises, proposed corresponding countermeasures aiming at the shortcomings of human resources informatization in China’s veterinary drug enterprises. The main problems in the implementation of informatization in veterinary enterprises are the neglect of leaders and imperfections in the system. Through analysis, 45% of veterinary companies plan to invest in human resources management within the next two years. More than half of the veterinary enterprises that has been implemented in the last two years, in the veterinary enterprise that has been implemented. It can be seen that in veterinary enterprises, the popularity of informatization, especially human resource informatization, is not high. In view of the existing problems, we suggest that the development of veterinary enterprises must follow the path of informatization, and should be the application process of human resources management informatization. Veterinary drug companies must proceed from the ever-changing management concept, strengthen the leadership’s emphasis on informatization, improve the IT capabilities of human resource managers, improve the quality of veterinarians and employees, and strengthen the reserves of professional skill worker.