Accurate Integration Method of Fragmented Electronic Information Resources in Animal Medicine

  • Zhe Li
Keywords: Animal Medicine, Fragmented Electronic Information Resources, Accurate Integration, Resource Integration Method


The contents of animal medicine research are complex, wide-ranging and interdisciplinary, and
therefore, its fragmented electronic information resources also cover a wide range, large amount of literature and
extremely rich content. Fragmented electronic information resources provide a vast amount of information
resources for animal medicine researchers, and become an important tool and means of information exchange in
the field of today's animal medicine. At the same time, however, due to the large scale, complex changes, large
transmission range, resource openness and high interaction, it is extremely imperative to accurately and
effectively integrate fragmented electronic information resources in animal medicine. On the basis of
summarizing and analyzing previous research works, this paper expounded the development background,
current status and future challenges of animal medicine fragmentation electronic information resource
integration research, designed a theoretical framework for the accurate integration of fragmented electronic
information in animal medicine and combed the key technologies for the accurate integration, analyzed the
processes of information resource integration and user access, and proposed a fragmented electronic information
digital resource processing method and information data management method; the application simulation
example verifies the validity, rationality and applicability of the electronic information resource integration
method. The study results of this paper provide a reference for further research on the accurate integration
method of fragmented electronic information resources in animal medicine.