Automatic Severity Assessment of the Avian Influenza Disease in the Chicken Farming

  • Lifang Wang
Keywords: Avian Influenza, Chicken Farming, Hesitant Fuzzy Linguistic Term Set, Complex Proportional Assessment


The states of the avian influenza diseases can be divided into several levels according to the disease
severities. The diseases with different severity levels should be treated differently in order to avoid wasting the
valuable medical resources. The paper tries to design an automatic diagnosis and severity assessment system to
assist farmers in making decisions timely. Firstly, we select the typical and scientific indicators of the avian
influenza which is the basis of the algorithm. Secondly, we collect the indicator data of the samples using the
hesitant fuzzy linguistic term set which can keep the most data details and also accord with the practical
expression habits. Thirdly, we propose the algorithm based on the complex proportional assessment algorithm to
aggregate the indicator information and point out the specific steps, we give an example to illustrate the
automatic diagnosis and severity assessment of the avian influenza disease in the poultry farms subsequently.
Fourthly, we compare the algorithm proposed in the paper with two well-known classic algorithms and point out
the similarities and advantages over them. In the end, the paper also points out the future research directions