Automatic Feeding System for Pig

  • Yuxia Xue
Keywords: Pig, Automatic Feeding, PLC, Eating Characteristics


As the main meat products on the table in China, the domestic demand for pork is very large. In order to
ensure the basic supply and demand of pork, the scale of domestic pig breeding is also expanding. When the scale
of pig farming expands to a certain extent, it is difficult to match it based on the traditional artificial breeding
model. In view of this, this paper researches the feeding characteristics and living habits of pigs and designs a new
type of automatic feeding system based on PLC. This system can overcome the shortcomings in the past feeding
process and can truly achieve “scientific breeding”. In terms of system design, it has a good scalability, not only
for large pig farms, but also for small pig farms. The system has the advantages of low labor cost, low energy
consumption and scientific feed ratio, which can ensure the basic cleanliness of pig houses and have certain
guiding significance for the future pig breeding.