The Merger and Acquisition of Animal Medicine and the Trend of Development

  • Qia Zhang
Keywords: Animal Medicine, Merger and Acquisition of Enterprise, Power Rent-Seeking


In order to promote the concentration and strengthen the animal pharmaceutical industry, as well as
significantly increasing the operating income and lowering the costs of animal and pharmaceutical enterprises,
giving full play to the scale effects, and achieving the goal of enhancing the competition of enterprises and
expanding the share of market, the mergers and acquisitions are utilized to improve the industrial concentration
of animal medicine. Besides, during the actions of mergers and acquisitions, the interests of CEO, shareholders,
government, and government officials, as well as CEO corruption, are analyzed. The research results show that
the merger and acquisition and development of animal pharmaceutical enterprises have brought the impetus for
the development and quality improvement of animal-specific medicine, which has ensured the prevention and
treatment of animal diseases in China. The transparent on-the-job consumption of CEO can prevent the CEO
from using the on-the-job consumption for power rent-seeking, which causes enormous wastes for merger and
acquisition of animal medicine. The merger and acquisition of animal medicine have accelerated the reform
pace of the pharmaceutical circulation system, promoted the structural adjustment of the pharmaceutical
circulation system and the modernization of the management methods, accelerated the scale and intensive
development of the pharmaceutical circulation field, and improved the market share and economic benefits.