Relieving Effect of Feather Tune Music on Birds' Fear

  • Yang Wang
Keywords: Feather Music, Sparrows, Fear, Biofeedback, Autonomic Nervous System


In order to study the alleviating effect of feather tune music on fear of birds, the most common
sparrows in our daily life were selected as the research objects. First, the emotion of sparrows was affected by
the background music of horror films. Then, the physiological indexes of sparrows were tested by ten-channel
multi-parameter biofeedback instrument. Quiet intervention and music intervention were conducted on the
sparrows, respectively, and the physiological indexes of sparrows were tested again. Finally, the related indexes
of heart rate variability (HRV) of sparrows' autonomic nervous system were collected and analyzed. The results
showed that after watching or listening to horror or sad movies, the mood of pleasure, calmness, and excitement
of sparrows decreased significantly, while the mood of fear increased significantly. After receiving the
intervention, the fear mood increased more significantly in the music intervention group, with significant
statistical difference (P < 0.01). In the analysis of avian autonomic nervous system, it was found that the skin
resistance, blood volume amplitude, respiratory rate, electromyography, and heart rate of sparrows changed after
watching or listening to horror movies, while the fear mood was alleviated after quiet rest or music intervention,
and the effect of music intervention was more obvious, with statistical differences (P < 0.05). In the analysis of
HRV of birds, it was found that VLF, LF, HF and LF/HF of sparrows changed significantly after watching or
listening to horror movies, but relieved significantly after music or quiet intervention. There was no statistical
difference between music intervention and quiet intervention. Therefore, through this study, it is found that the
music intervention has a significant alleviation effect on sparrows for fear mood. Although there are some
shortcomings in the research process, it still provides experimental basis for the research of effects of music on
the emotion of birds, and has important research significance.