Model Using a Modal Animal Analysis System

  • Anyang Liang
Keywords: Operational Modal Analysis, Animal System Model, Medical Imaging, Biodynamic System


The application demand of basic biomedical research promotes the rapid development of medical
imaging. From the scale mode of the imaging object, initially from macroscopic imaging to microscopic
imaging and microscopic and macroscopic imaging. Because single-mode imaging system cannot provide
comprehensive physiological and pathological information of organisms, therefore, the multi-modal imaging
system combined with different imaging modes is a major subject of great practical significance. At the same
time, in order to accelerate the basic research of biomedicine, three-dimensional imaging of biological samples
with different imaging scales is needed. Optical projection tomography (OPT) is a high resolution mesoscale
imaging technique between macro and micro scales. However, image quality is affected by system noise, noise
removal research is urgently needed. This paper focuses on the development of software and hardware modules
and image denoising methods of animal multi-mode imaging system, including the design and implementation
of hardware and software system and optical image denoising algorithm. The single-computer acquisition of
multi-modal image data is realized, the image quality of optical projection tomography is improved. Most
biological systems are non-linear, moreover, the effects of various non-linear factors on linear biological
systems are usually neglected in modeling. The control system is sensitive to the internal and external
interference of the system and the change of system parameters.