Exploring the Animal Experiment of the Mechanism of Music Therapy

  • Shuangshuang Liao
Keywords: Music Therapy, Mechanism of Action, Animal Experiment


Music therapy is the application and development of music outside the field of art appreciation and
aesthetics. It has been widely used in medical, mental health and special education. Animal model studies have
shown that music has an impact on animal physiology and cognition, suggesting that music can be used to
improve the environmental richness of experimental animals and improve the welfare level of animals. However,
the application of music in experimental animals is very lagging. Based on the diversity of musical style content
and the differences in animal auditory systems, the level of music research for experimental animals depends on
the type of music and the variety of experimental animals. In this paper, rats were used as experimental subjects
to explore the effect of the mechanism of music therapy on rat experiments. From the experiment, we can see
that music therapy has a positive effect on the experimental results, and it has great effect on the treatment of