Graphical Design of Deformed Koch Curve Fractal Animal Based on Wavelet Function

  • Yan Luo
Keywords: Animal, Functional Characteristics, Koch Curve of Deformation, Fractal Art, Graphic Design


As an emerging branch of modern mathematics, fractal geometry is built against the deficiencies of
traditional Euclidean geometry. It provides a possible method for studying the general form of nature, and proposes
a new way of thinking for solving the problems in many fields of traditional science, which has been
widely used in more and more subject areas. Because of the intrinsic connection between geometry and zoology,
fractal geometry has also been rapidly introduced into the field of zoology and has been widely used in various
zoological problems. This paper is based on this background. Based on the improved wavelet function Koch
curve, this paper studies the basic theory of fractal, the design and generation algorithm of fractal graphics and
the application of fractal graphics in art design. The constructed Meyer wavelet with sufficient smoothness is
used for animal image graphic design. The Meyer wavelet constructed in this paper is selected as the basis function
of the shear wave to obtain the corresponding filter. Then, multi-scale decomposition of animal images with
different degrees of Gaussian noise is applied, and animal images are obtained by inverse wavelet transform.
Transform wavelets are compared to commonly used Meyer wavelet shear waves. Starting from the application
of fractal geometry in the analysis of animal graphic form, the connotation and extension of the fractal features
of animal graphic form are summarized and expounded, and the analysis of the elevation of animal graphic form
analysis is carried out. The animal based on fractal geometry is discussed. The method of graphical analysis,
with a few representative examples, elaborates the possibility and specific operation method of fractal geometry
applied to animal graphics analysis, revealing the hidden behind some excellent animal graphics. Formal aesthetics
rules, indirectly, discuss the practical significance of fractal geometry applied to the analysis of animal
graphic forms.