Assessment of Animal Security Situation Awareness in WSN Network Based on Belief Rules

  • Gong Chang
Keywords: Belief Rules, Animal Safety, Wireless Sensor Networks, Body Score


The reliability of wireless sensor networks is the premise to ensure the normal operation of networks,
is the basis of improving network performance. The reliability of wireless sensor networks is the key index of
network design, and also an important basis to ensure the normal operation, management and maintenance of
networks. In wireless sensor networks, the individual computing power, storage resources and battery capacity
of the sensor are limited. The bandwidth of communication lines between sensors is limited and the transmission
rate is low, signals interfere with each other, and the transmission signal decreases with the increase of
communication distance. Based on the above factors, the objective reliability evaluation of wireless sensor
networks based on belief rules can be realized comprehensively and objectively. Animal Body Condition
Scoring (BCS) reflects the amount of fat or energy stored in animals through digital evaluation. It is a marker to
evaluate the effect of animal feeding and whether the nutritional metabolism is normal or not. It is also one of
the markers of animal health and safety. In this paper, animal safety is analyzed by WSN situational awareness
assessment based on belief rules. The WSN network was used to evaluate the animal’s fur, breast, hoof, feeding
trough and environment, it can accurately grasp the fat or energy reserve and safety status of animals, so as to
improve animal feeding level and increase economic benefits.